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About Us

Tahoe Dog Gear human and dog gear for outdoor mountain adventures

Our Gear

Where to find Tahoe Dog Gear

Where to find Tahoe Dog Gear

Tahoe Dog Gear is handcrafted in the USA. We have human and dog gear inspired by the mountains and Lake Tahoe. All dog collars and leashes are handmade in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California. Our human gear includes artisan hats, shirts, lanyards, yoga mat straps, blanket roll straps, belts, and more. 

Our exclusive artwork and webbing designs are created in-house and reflects an outdoor mountain lifestyle and are built for your outdoor adventures.

Our logo incorporates the Lake Tahoe outline for the head, a "D" nose for "Dog", a "G" tongue for "Gear", and Emerald Bay as the wagging tail. 

We are all about the mountain lifestyle. It usually includes taking your dog on an adventure. Time to start the day with a morning coffee... bring your dog. Heading out on the trail to hike, mountain bike, or run... bring your dog. Going for a day at the lake throwing sticks, paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, swimming, or just sitting on a pier playing a ukulele... bring your dog. Fresh snow inviting you out to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, sled, or build a snowman... bring your dog. Sitting in Adirondack chairs on the deck drinking a fine cold beverage... bring your dog. We get it. 

Why choose polyester webbing for your dog collar and leash material?

Tahoe Dog Gear dog collars are made of a very strong polyester material. The tensile strength of polyester webbing is outstanding, as it is the same material in which automobile seat belts are made. Polyester webbing is hydrophobic, meaning that it does not absorb water when it gets wet, thus making is more resistant to mold and mildew. Note, nylon collars absorb water, making them a stinky nightmare for your dog. Always choose polyester collars for your dog!Our original artwork is designed by Tahoe Dog Gear. Our custom-made polyester webbing cannot be found anywhere else. The artwork is infused directly into the fabric using a high-temperature dye-sublimation process. This allows the designs and colors to last without washing out or peeling.


Tahoe Dog Gear dog collar and leash

Where to find Tahoe Dog Gear

Where to find Tahoe Dog Gear

Where to find Tahoe Dog Gear

Tahoe Dog Gear dog collars, leashes, shirts, and hats can be purchased online here at www.TahoeDogGear.com

We are out at many festivals in the Tahoe area during the summers. Come meet us and bring your pup for a personal fitting at one of our festival pop up stores at Squaw Valley Made In Tahoe, Truckee Thursdays, the Reno River Festival, Sample the Sierra in South Lake Tahoe, OctoberFest, and other fun places around Truckee and Lake Tahoe California, and Reno, Nevada.

We can also be found at select retailers

Tahoe Dog Gear dog collars and leashes at a festival booth

Our Story

Where to find Tahoe Dog Gear

Our Story

Tahoe Dog Gear is a business created for our love of the outdoors, mountains, and dogs. Our products are inspired from our Tahoe adventures. We are located in the high Sierra in Truckee, CA. We are on the trails, at the lake, or on the snow almost every day. Our products are well tested!

Inspired and designed in Tahoe. Everything is small batch handcrafted in the USA. Many of our products are handmade in Truckee and Tahoe City.

People ask us about where we find our artwork and webbing with outdoor and Lake Tahoe designs. Mike creates all the artwork. For our webbing products, we have the webbing sublimated with our designs. The designs are permanently embedded into the polyester webbing. The webbing is exclusively made and used for our products only. Then we gather all our parts and hand build them in Truckee and Tahoe City. Every part of each collar and leash has gone through Michaela and Mike's hands! Our friend Kariño sews many of our collars and leashes. All hardware is the highest quality and spec'd for use in Tahoe's harsh freezing and water environments, and are sourced from California whenever possible. Lake Tahoe makes us wag. 

It was initially created as a father-daughter project to help offer vocational opportunities for Michaela Welch, a Truckee local who has cerebral palsy and bilateral hearing impairment.

Michaela graduated from the University of Nevada Path to Independence program with a Certificate in College and Career Studies in May 2018. It is an inclusive, two-year, non-degree certificate program offering a college experience to students with intellectual disabilities. The program is a collaborative effort of UNR's Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities (NCED) and the University of Nevada Reno Extended Studies Department. Check out Michaela's page at http://kissforindependence.com

Michaela is now back in Truckee full time pursuing her dreams of working with animals.

To help prepare for a career with animals, Michaela has received certificates of completion from Sierra College in Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Assistant II: Canine Reproduction, and Veterinary Assistant III: Practical Skills, Dog CPR, and Wilderness First Aid for Dogs! She has worked at the Tahoe Integrative Veterinary Care, Truckee-Tahoe Pet Lodge, at Canine Country, and volunteers as a dog walker at the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe.

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