To celebrate our Tahoe winter season. It's a beast of a winter. What else would you put on your beast?

Truckee Snow ™

Truckee Snow

Truckee Snow ™



Snow Play


Truckee Snow™ offers fun things to do in Tahoe

  1. Truckee Snowshoeing, sledding, and snow play rentals & sales delivered to you; 
  2. Explore with Truckee Snow experiences with events and community-based meet ups; 
  3. Have your own private snow parties for families & groups;
  4. Shop Tahoe Good and have it delivered to you.

Why Truckee Snow™

  • We deliver to you. You get out and play!
  • Get insider tips for a great experience.
  • Schedule your time. No waiting, no driving snowy roads, no fighting traffic and waiting in lines.  We come to you! You just get out!

Truckee Snow Experience ™

  • Join scheduled community-based snowshoe or sled/snow play meet up locations
  • Schedule a Private Snow Play Party
  • Schedule a Private Snow Adventure Course
  • Schedule your time. No waiting, no driving snowy roads, no fighting traffic and waiting in lines.  We come to you! You just get out and have a Tahoe Snow Experience!

Fun outside the lines!

No waiting in lines, no fence lines, no traffic, just fun. 

Play like a local.

Need a day not fighting resort traffic, parking lot wars, standing in lines for access to the mountains, and then stand in lines again to get some lunch? 

You and your family, friends, or group deserve a positive Tahoe snow experience! Snowshoeing, sledding, snow play and more.

How does a day in the woods with grand views, exploring and playing in the beautiful outdoors, adventure, and making memories sound? Truckee Snow ™ makes it simple. We deliver ready-made snow experiences including snowshoeing, sledding, and snow play, directly to you.

Want a positive Truckee snow experience?

Meet Up:

  • We schedule community-based meet up locations for snow activities!
  • Snowshoeing outings, full moon snowshoe treks, fitness snowshoe activities meet ups
  • Sledding meet ups
  • Age-group snow play meet ups
  • Meet ups are free!
  • We deliver your pre-purchased gear rentals and purchases to the meet up locations!

Schedule a Private Snow Play Party:

  • We make your own custom Sledding run!
  • Organize Snow Play with fun toys and games
  • Hot drinks and snacks
  • We supply party leader, sleds, toys, snacks, and a positively fun Tahoe Snow Experience!

Schedule a Private Snow Adventure Course:

Be confident when you head out for your adventure. Need more to be prepared and safe? 

  1. Preparation for a fun and comfortable experience in the outdoors (tips to stay warm, clothing and fabrics, layering, waterproofing, snacks and hydration, and more)
  2. Snow safety (learn to avoid avalanche, steep and deep, tree wells, submerged traps, using poles for safety checks, safe sliding tips, and more)
  3. Route finding (safe routes, finding your way home, recommendations)
  4. Fitting and securing snowshoes and poles
  5. Snowshoe skills (ascending, descending, traversing, poles for safety and control)
  6. Making a safe and fun sledding run,
  7. Includes laminated resources and check lists

Truckee Snowshoe experience is a community-based self-guided adventure

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